To use Publicity App is rather simple either for businesses or for customers who want to contribute and share. Well, what do you need to do? We’ll explain it walking you through a few easy steps.


Do you want to use Publicity App, meet your interests, and earn money at the same time? Here's how to do it:

Download the free app

Sign up easily and quickly(you can use your Facebook account or e-mail)

You can customize your account by uploading an image and entering your profile details

Watch the videos you’re interested in, interact with companies, leave your feedback, and buy products or services, if you want to

Earn money depending on the time you spend on Publicity App

Check your earnings record and use your personal account to submit your payment request

Extra money for you. And that's not all. If you invite a friend to join Publicity App, you’ll get a lifelong payment amounting to 2% on his/her reward.And you don’t need to do anything else!

Download Publicity App now for free and start earning


Do you want to create a promotional video that describes your brand, promotes your products or services, and reaches only the people who are really interested in you? Here's how to do it:

Choose a suitable video type and contact the Publicity App consultant

Ask for a video advertising campaign targeting the right audience

Provide our consultant with the necessary information to make your video

The consultant creates and launches your promotional video

Customers watch your video, answer your questions and leave feedback

Get a detailed report on the results and the progress of the campaign

Do you already have a video?


To create and promote a video via Publicity App is very simple and fast. Just fill out our contact request, and determine the length and the audience of your video. Thus, you will know in advance your advertising spend that will remain unchanged. Our camera operator will visit you to shoot raw footage and then edit your video. Thereafter, by accessing your personal profile, you can monitor your campaigns and the customers’ feedback, and get a detailed report on all the results.


  • video ad duration up to 210;
  • video ad will be visible via the app for 30 days;
  • possibility to choose your target audience, i.e. the audience you want to show your promotional video to;
  • text description of the video, the product and the company;
  • insertion of your contacts (address, phone number, e-mail, social network profiles);
  • insertion of your website link into the video;
  • insertion of a question for customers to answer at the end of the video (open-ended or multiple-choice question);
  • star rating of the video provided by the customers;
  • possibility for the customer to post a personal comment at the end of the video;
  • customers will be able to share the video on their social network profiles which means that you’ll get views at no cost;
  • at the end of the video marketing campaign you will receive a detailed report on the results of the campaign (views, answers, comments, feedback, etc).
  • The service charge is 1 cent per second multiplied by the number of customers you’ll decide to offer to watch the video.

What are you waiting for? Join other companies and launch your advertising campaign!