Today, video is one of the most effective marketing tools. It’s also a communication tool that that lets you promote, inform and be informed, entertain and be entertained

Publicity App is a meeting, promotion and entertainment place where videos play the main role. Who are the participants of the meeting? On one side, the companies using the platform as a video marketing tool; on the other side, the users who look for, discover, and monitor new products or services, and buy them in case they want to.

But who wins?Either the company or the user. How? We explain it to you right now.

Thus, Publicity App provides a meeting point for the companies interested in using video advertising to promote themselves and the customers who enjoy videos, and want to meet their own needs. The app is created with due regard to comparison and mutually beneficial relationship. In fact, Publicity App is designed to enhance:

your time

your opinion

your services and/or products

your money

How can we do that? By creating custom video ads able to present the brand and meet the needs making sure that each video is visible only for the customers interested in fulfilling their demands.

Thus, companies will not waste their money on ineffective advertising, plus, they will be able to ask promotional video viewers for feedback to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their communicative action. And what about customers? The customers will receive cash rewards for the attention and time dedicated to the company.

The videos are organized into categories to facilitate the meeting of the companies’ and users’ interests. The Publicity App categories are as follows:

Clothing & Accessories for Women

Clothing & Accessories for Men

Apps & Games

Phones & Telecommunications

Technology & Software

Home & Yard

Moms & Kids

Sports & Entertainment

Movies & Shows

Fairs & Events

Health & Beauty

Automobiles & Motorcycles

Computers & Accessories

Films & Trailers

Food & Drink

Music & Musical Bands


Publicity App is the place where you can meet your interests and needs, attain your desires, be part of the community having a passion for video, be able to compare products and to express your opinion. And in addition to that, you also have the opportunity to earn money. It's even better, isn’t it? Publicity App will provide a monthly reward depending on the time you spend watching the videos via our app, expressing your opinion, and giving valuable feedback to the companies.


Publicity App is a promotion and marketing tool that allows you to benefit from the communicative power of video advertising. Having joined Publicity App, you can launch your advertising campaign with our support - just creating your own video by yourself or entrusting it to us. In any case, thanks to the integrated live chat service, we will be at your disposal every time you need our help.

Plus, your video will be directed only to the people interested in your products or services. And, again, thanks to the feedback you’ll get at the end of the promotional campaign, users’ actions, and detailed reliable reports, you can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your video and understand how to improve your campaign before investing money to launch it to the public