By downloading, installing and using the APP mobile PUBLICITYAPP and, anyway, the products, software or services, you agree to the following terms and conditions, as well as any changes that may be made. In order to access services and use the APP PUBLICITYAPP, the user will be required to provide the data required for their identification or, in any case, the information required to enable use APP PUBLICITYAPP and services associated with it . PUBLICITYAPP can not be held liable for any loss or damage arising from data communications and false information.

You may display advertisements and promotions announcements both PUBLICITYAPP same, both companies related to it, and to third parties.

You agree that PUBLICITYAPP may place such advertising and that it is not liable for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the presence of such advertisers or user consequential relationships with these advertisers.

The APP PUBLICITYAPP may provide links to websites and web resources. You acknowledge and agree that PUBLICITYAPP is not responsible for the availability of such external sites or resources, and does not endorse nor is responsible for their content, advertising, products or other materials on or available from such sites or resources .

You and PUBLICITYAPP will stop using APP PUBLICITYAPP at any time. PUBLICITYAPP reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue the services provided through the APP UBLICITYAPP, or any part thereof, at any time and without notice. You agree that PUBLICITYAPP not be liable to you or any third party for the above changes, suspensions or interruptions. In the event of termination, you must cease using the APP PUBLICITYAPP. PUBLICITYAPP reserves the right to terminate your access to the Service or to Digital Content without notice and without refund for any purchases. The failure to exercise our rights provided under this Agreement against you, is not one of our waiver of such rights.

Requirements for the use of the service

Only individuals aged 18 or over can create an account. PUBLICITYAPP may indicate the age and content requirements for the services published on the basis of information provided by the advertiser or third party. Although advertisers are asked to provide accurate information about the content of their advertising, video, pictures, etc., PUBLICITYAPP can not guarantee the accuracy of information about themselves or who have not offensive, indecent or objectionable.

Use of the service requires compatible equipment, an internet access and certain software, and may require periodic updates.

Privacy Policy

By installing the APP PUBLICITYAPP you represent and agree that PUBLICITYAPP can access, store and process your personal data and any content associated with the use of the JPA, if required by law or if such activities are necessary for the use APP PUBLICITYAPP or services provided through the APP, in full respect of the principles established by Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 "Code regarding the protection of personal data" ( "Code"). You acknowledge that the use of the AP PPUBLICITYAPP may provide transmission of data via electronic communications networks

The processed data are those necessary for the proper functioning of the JPA and its services.With your consent PUBLICITYAPP will also send communications concerning offers and / or promotions PUBLICITYAPP and / or PUBLICITYAPP partners, in the manner and form provided for by art. 130 of the Code.

PUBLICITYAPP can not be held liable for any loss or damage arising from the communication of such data. The data controller is PUBLICITYAPP

References to exercise the rights under Art. 7 of the Code are as follows::

email;; website.

Intellectual property rights

You acknowledge and agree that the APP PUBLICITYAPP and any service connected to APP PUBLICITYAPP may involve the use of proprietary and confidential information that is protected bythe laws on intellectual property and other international standards or even treated.

You also acknowledge and agree that content contained in any advertisements displayed via the App PUBLICITYAPP are the property of their respective owners of the relevant copyright, trademark, service mark, patent or other rights.

PUBLICITYAPP user with a right and a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive for use APP PUBLICITYAPP. You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resell or exploit for commercial purposes, in whole or in part, the APP PUBLICITYAPP. You agree not to carry out, directly or indirectly, any of the following activities: copy, modify, create derivative works of the source code, reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise groped to find out this code, sell, assign, sublicense or otherwise transfer any rights to APP, unless such activity is not expressly required by law.

The APP PUBLICITYAPP can automatically reset the diagnostic data and automatically download updates in order to update, enhance and further develop the service, including the availability of fixes, bugs, patches, enhanced functions, plug-ins and new versions..

Endorsements and limitations of liability

You hereby acknowledge and accept the following:

1. Use the APA PUBLICITYAPP by the user is at your own risk. The APP PUBLICITYAPP is provided "as is" and "according to availability." To the extent permitted by law, PUBLICITYAPP and its partners disclaim all warranties and conditions of any kind, including, without limitation, the implied warranties and conditions of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose;

2. PUBLICITYAPP does not guarantee that the APP PUBLICITYAPP meet specific user requirements, which is free of malfunction or error, that the quality of any product, service, information or other material purchased or obtained by the user through the APP PUBLICITYAPP It will meet your expectations, that any errors in the software will be corrected;

3. No information or advice, whether oral or written, obtained by user PUBLICITYAPP constitute a form of guarantee.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless PUBLICITYAPP, as well as its subsidiaries or affiliated companies, its officers, agents, employees, licensees advertisers, suppliers or partners from any third party claim arising from or in any way related to the use of 'APP PUBLICITYAPP by the user, from violations of these Terms and Conditions, any other action that is linked to the use APP PUBLICITYAPP, including any liability or expense arising from all claims, losses, damages (direct or indirect ), suits, judgments, litigation costs and attorneys' fees, of every kind and nature. You understand and expressly agree that PUBLICITYAPP and partners will not be liable to you for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, including, without limitation, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other losses arising out of or in any way related to the use APP PUBLICITYAPP by the user.


Before signing the contract, the customer must download the application and once you accept these terms, PUBLICITYAPP register as a user. The contract is formalized with the registration by the User to PUBLICITYAPP. The data required for registering the application are as follows: name, surname, age, sex, country, region, city, date of birth

Data made included by the CONTRACTOR in the form of registration and the rest of the segmentation forms will be stored in a database to ensure the proper functioning of the service. This data will remain in the database for the duration of the subscription to the service by the User and will be deleted if the user explicitly asks for the cancellation of the service.


9.1. Availability of services:

PUBLICITYAPP ensures uninterrupted service 24 hours a day. However PUBLICITYAPP not be liable for cases of unavailability of service, the service blocks or malfunctions due to causes outside PUBLICITYAPP, as can be telephone operators, the compatibility of the phone model, the internet connection etc.

PUBLICITYAPP not be liable for any errors, delays in access, delays in the video management system or any anomalies that may arise in relation to the service when the problems are due to third parties, causes of unforeseeable circumstances or of force majeure or any other contingencytotally unpredictable and therefore foreign to the good faith of the company.


You may cancel the service at any time through the contact area with the email subject "cancel the service" without having to do anything but explicitly request cancellation, thus producing the automatic deletion of all personal data, messages and archives. Upon cancellation of the service user is automatically erase accumulated credits as a result of the formalization of termination. You agree explicitly that decaying its registration as a Member of PUBLICITYAPP can not in any way require the collection of PUBLICITYAPP not cashed credit.

All the amounts of payments for use not yet paid at the time of cancellation by the user, automatically become the property of PUBLICITYAPP, you waive it expressly to credit uncollected

Attention to customer service:

Through the email service will be provided a service of attention to the client in relation to the operation of the system.

11.1. payment:

PUBLICITYAPP agrees to pay the amounts for use in money to its Members in the amounts and according to the form and the terms published.

Establishment of a fraudulent use of the service by the User cancels any right to collect any payment for use, present or future.

PUBLICITYAPP reserves the right to take legal action against users who frodino or attempt to defraud in the Use of the application or by an improper use of the same, in case there are grounds for a charge or complaint as appropriate.

PUBLICITYAPPsi reserves the right to limit partially or entirely the service to users who have used or tried to use the service offered by PUBLICITYAPP in a fraudulent or improper.

11.2. amounts:

Payment for monthly use is determined according to the Use of the Application. To use, PUBLICITYAPP mean, the number of advertising video views, number of shares, the number of users required to use the service and the reviews left.Payment for use is determined every month on the last day of the month. The ccumulated credit last month appears in the Personal Accounts screen.

The total amount of payment for monthly use is validated by crossing the databases of the Application server and those of the User's mobile phone. Should any discrepancies will be considered the bank's phone data only if, after a verification process, you do not detect attempts offraud or improper use of the service by the user.

11.3. Payment methods:

You may request payment of the accumulated credit each month directly from the phone to which you installed the application by clicking on the PUBLICITYAPP collection button and choose to have it paid or through a payment from your PayPal account or by any other payment method accepted by PUBLICITYAPP respecting the safety conditions of each of these modes.

Payment orders for the users will have to be transmitted by those between day 1 and day 3 of each month. These orders will be paid on the 10th of the same month. Orders not transmitted before the 3rd of each month will not be paid and their credit will be accumulated until the following month.


12.1.1. Good service Usage:

The user is solely responsible for the accuracy of the answers provided in the questionnaires administered by PUBLICITYAPP segmentation, so it is the only one responsible for your consumer profile registered in PUBLICITYAPP and is solely responsible in case of any claim or cause of action, judicial or extrajudicial, initiated by the user or third parties harmed before courts and other bodies which is based on the Use of improper segmentation service to not be aligned with the objective reality of the user..

12.1.2. tax obligations:

You agree to comply with the Italian legal constraints on taxation with regard to income obtained as a result of the promotion of PUBLICITYAPP and the related payments to use cash. You agree that you are solely responsible for your own tax exempting PUBLICITYAPP from any tax liability arising from the payment of the mentioned payments for use.

Safety measures and levels:

In order to avoid, as far as possible and always according to the state, the manipulation, loss, processing or unauthorized access to personal data PUBLICITYAPP has taken the necessary measures to maintain the level of security required by the nature of the data treated and the circumstances of treatment.

13.1. Scope:

The structure of the archives, and from time information systems to comply with current legislation on data protection applies to all the files, temporary ownership or permanent PUBLICITYAPP, which contain personal data, as well as any instrument or information system to process them

All staff employed by PUBLICITYAPP and the data processing managers are required to comply with that legislation, with particular attention w

13.2. Use of cookies:

To use our website we recommend the use of cookies. Cookies are used for various purposes such as, among others, the remuneration of the different platforms of the acquisition, keeping open the user's session and work out specific analyzes on the use of web pages, for which it will be possible to use external providers such as Google Analytics , etc. If you wish you can configure your browser to alert you on the screen at the time of the receipt of cookies and prevent their installation on your hard drive. For further information please refer to your browser instructions

13.3. Confidentiality and professional secrecy:

Data collected in all private communications between PUBLICITYAPP and users will be treated with absolute confidentiality, pledging PUBLICITYAPP obligation of confidentiality of personal data in its duty to protect them and take all necessary measures to prevent alteration, loss, processing or unauthorized access, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on security measures for files containing personal data.

Furthermore, will the confidential information provided any kind of information that the parties exchange with each other and the parties agree to have this kind or that simply relate around the content of information of this nature. The display of data via the Internet, will not mean direct access to them, unless express consent of the owner at every opportunity

The user is advised not to share with third parties your user name, password or reference numbers PUBLICITYAPP could provide. Similarly, in order to ensure that the protection of professional secrecy between PUBLICITYAPPe the user is respected in all communications, the user must not disclose any confidential information to third partie

13.4. Changes in security policy and data protection:

PUBLICITYAPP reserves the right to change its security policy and data protection, in order to adapt to new laws or regulations, as well as those arising from existing codes of ethics on the subject, including strategic business decisions, with effect from the date of publication of this change on PUBLICITYAPP website


For the resolution of any dispute or claim coming from these conditions are competent Courts and Tribunals operating in the PUBLICITYAPP home territory. In all cases will be competent the Courts and the Courts of Monaco of Bavaria, the CONTRACTOR expressly waiving any other jurisdiction to which he is entitled.