Are you considering whether to join Publicity App? Aren’t you still convinced? Now we’ll tell you about all the benefits you can enjoy if you join Publicity App. And all your doubts will disappear.


Why should I download Publicity App? That’s the question you’re asking yourself. In fact, the app will allow you to benefit from many advantages in a fun, simple and exciting way.

Having downloaded Publicity App, you can earn money in an easy, quick, and honest way. We are fully committed to transparency: you watch videos, interact with the companies, express your opinion, and then you will be rewarded for the time and attention you have dedicated to the promotional campaigns of the brands. Furthermore, unlike what happens with other apps, you can make your payment request at the end of each month, regardless of the amount you have accumulated, and you can check it by logging in your personal account.

Your time is precious, and we know it. That´s why we make you get a reward after having watched the video that interests you, answered a question asked by the company, and left your feedback.

And if you invite a friend to join Publicity App, you’ll get a lifelong payment amounting to 2% on his/her reward without being limited in time, money, and even your friends to be involved

In addition, if you are interested in purchasing a product or service, the links in the video will put you in touch with the company.

Download Publicity App, watch videos, and start earning.


Do you know why you should join Publicity App? Because the app will make it easy to promote your products or services, and your marketing and communication investment will be effective for several reasons:

  • video is a communication tool that customers prefer for its immediacy and ability to entertain and inform;
  • we, video advertising professionals, are going to take care of the story you’d like to tell;
  • you’ll be able to create your own promotional campaign using our platform freely and independently being supported by our experts thanks to the live chat service;
  • before launching an advertising campaign, we will carefully check content quality to be sure that it’s the best product either for customers or for you;
  • you will promote your video ad exactly among the customers actually interested in what you offer, being able to choose your audience according to various characteristics (age, interests, tastes, lifestyle, geographical location);
  • you will promote your product or service or brand being able to conduct market research before launching a new product or service, analyzing the collected data and asking for customers’ feedback;
  • you’ll be able to insert the description of the product or service you're offering into your video;
  • there will be a link in your video directing to your product, and, in any case, the interested customers will simply click on your video to be immediately directed to your website;
  • you can insert your contact information (website, social networks, phone number, e-mail);
  • you can ask customers to answer specific questions and to leave their feedback (from 1 to 5 stars) so you will be able to monitor their interest;
  • at the end of the campaign you will receive a detailed report with the important information regarding the views, answers to the questions, and optional comments so you can figure out how to improve your video advertising strategy, and what are the strengths to make use of;
  • customers can share your video on their social network profiles virally promoting your ad. Thus, you’ll be promoted at no additional cost.

What if your company is interested in our service but can not rely on an already existing advertising video about a brand, product or service? You can entrust it to us: we will create a personalized video at an affordable price.

Make an effective investment in your promotion.